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By massaging images of a user's past handwriting samples, AutoFORJ builds a model to naturally replicate said handwriting. With nearly infinite variation on letter structure, as well as customized normally distributed random variations on the spacing between letters, words, lines, and even vertical alignment of individual letters, you'll never see the the same word written in the same way, just like your true handwriting.

Integrating this capability seamlessly with voice recognition, makes this a massively useful tool, especially for those with disabilities, or those that need to quickly transcribe large amounts of text, or even those that normally take dictation, but would now additionally like to retain their ideas in their own handwriting.... well now you can, for the first time ever... with AutoFORJ.

Paid version adds intuitive and easily adjustable neatness level, voice commands, quick edit tools, colors, and more.

Project Members: Thomas Redis and Kamaldeep Gandhi