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Bar Talk

Tired of typing? Let Artyom.js do the work! Artyom, a wrapper around the speechSynthesis and webkitSpeechRecognition APIs, makes it easy to add voice commands to your site.

Alan is a Parasail Boat Captain by trade. He noticed that many of his co-workers had problems accurately adjusting the passenger bars- to account for weight differences. This resulted in some lop-sided and potentially dangerous parasail flights. In response, he dug through the exhaustive instruction manuals for these passenger bars, and streamlined all the logic into this easy-to-use app.

Alan's application demonstrates how voice commands can be used to navigate the sight, input information into forms, and even create new, persistent audio prompts and responses without ever touching the keyboard.

Alan used a mixed a bag of libraries for this project: Artyom, React, Redux, Redux-Forms, JQuery, Boootsrap, React-Bootstrap, Express, Node.js, PSQL, Sequelize, Webpack, and more! Lots of fun.

Project Members: Alan Campbell