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Fitby is a minimalist, data-driven fitness dashboard (for people who can’t count calories).

In response to the information overload tracked by conventional fitness apps, Beiatrix Pedrasa devises a simple, lightweight solution that allows users to monitor just two key datasets: fitness and nutrition. Users can view their all-time stats, as well as check in daily to record their meals, measurements, and workouts in a lucid fashion.

A delightful interface is crafted in Figma and executed with MaterialUI, Animate.css, and lots of pure CSS. The backend is scaffolded on Node.js, Express, Sequelize, and PostgreSQL. Finally, beautiful data visualizations are achieved with Recharts, a charting library that integrates React, D3, and SVG.

Beiatrix Pedrasa built Fitby during a 6-day hackathon and won the Sigurdsson Award for best UI Design. She plans to add and repair certain features in order to continually improve fitby’s user experience. Fitby is currently deployed on

Project Members: Beiatrix Pedrasa

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