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FSA-3Q is a mobile app that solve some problems that Philip faced in FullStack Academy.

The app uses CoreML to detect the dominant object present on an image from a set of 1000 categories, and translates it to Spanish with Google Translate API. The users can take a picture of an object , the app will analyze the object based on the machine learning model confidence and translate it to English. With the Google Translate API and Speech Synthesizer, FSA-3Q will read the text to the user and display the translated word on the screen.

Most of the students forgot to check in attendance every morning. It’s much easier and more convenient with the BarCode detection. Users can do the attendance in less than 1 second by clicking a single button. Your phone compares the QR code and the password from the server, and you are good to go.

Live quiz is designed to help the teachers to create, collect, and grade students’ work in real time. Teacher can quickly monitor students’ progress during the lesson, provide direct and real-time feedback right in the classroom.

FSA-3Q was built with Swift , FireStore, CoreML, Vision, SqueezeNet, AV Foundation and Google Translate API.

Project Members: Philip Leung

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