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Fullstack Academy Joins Bridgepoint Education in Transforming Education to Employment Pathways

By David Yang and Nimit Maru

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Today we are excited to announce that Fullstack Academy is joining the amazing team at Bridgepoint Education. This partnership unites Fullstack Academy’s mission to transform individuals, communities, and economies, by teaching technologies that power the future, with Bridgepoint Education’s mission of providing innovative education services to enrich lives and communities.

This partnership allows Fullstack to continue and expand on what we care most about: creating life-changing educational experiences that lead to community, employment, and opportunity.

What’s Next?

Fullstack Academy will become a subsidiary operating independently of Bridgepoint Education - David and Nimit continue to be the Co-CEOs of Fullstack Academy. Our school’s name, staff, and programs, will operate as they are now, and nothing will change about the student or alumni experience.

In the near future, we aim to bring many of the advantages of scale and reach that Bridgepoint provides and make those opportunities available to a growing network of students, alumni and partners. There are many exciting announcements in the coming months that we’re eager to share. No matter what - we will stay true to our values of being “a little bit crazy about creating outcomes” and “striving to accelerate meaningful and enduring diversity and inclusion in tech.”

Why Bridgepoint Education?

When we first met Andrew Clark, Bridgepoint’s CEO, it was quickly clear that our visions of the future of education were aligned. The profile of the adult learner has changed significantly in the last ten years, bringing new opportunities and challenges to support the success of this changing student body. Bridgepoint has developed an incredible array of services, technologies, and data, that support its students’ learning achievements - capabilities developed and honed over fifteen years of creating outcomes for its students. We immediately recognized how many of those capabilities would enhance our students’ journey before, during, and after, our programs.

Bridgepoint also brings extensive connections into the corporate world -- it has education partnerships with 117 Fortune 500 companies. Corporations are increasingly seeking ways to retain and upskill their workforce and Bridgepoint charts a simple and effective path for those employees to advance their careers through education. We deeply connect with the stories of employees using tuition benefit to further their education, leading to opportunity are at the core of what makes us love what we do. Those deep relationships with employers are an exciting way for us to grow the opportunities available to our growing network of alumni.

Lastly, Bridgepoint’s experience in powering the needs and goals of universities (Bridgepoint currently serves over 38,000 online students) is aligned with our vision of the future of bootcamps and accelerated immersive learning. Universities continue to expand offerings for their communities through partnerships and we believe that everyone should have access to the great educational experience a high-quality bootcamp can provide.

A Note of Thanks

For our 2019 plan, we chose a motto that best represented our ethos for the coming year - “Proud to be a Partner.” We are grateful to have great partners like New York City Tech Talent Pipeline for our Web Development Fellowship, the NYC Economic Development Corporation for our Cybersecurity Bootcamp, and several universities whose bootcamps are slated to launch in 2019. We continue to be proud to be partners with our students, employers, governments, universities, and now, with our new colleagues at Bridgepoint,

We want to end by sharing our deep sense of gratitude. We started Fullstack in 2013 with a goal of making the most compelling, accessible, and affordable, learning experience to enter the tech industry. Since then, over 2,500 students have graduated from Fullstack programs and work across the spectrum from the earliest startups to the largest tech giants. We have been grateful to share the journey of our students and for their trust in us. Our proudest moments are when a student shares her first job offer with us - we still celebrate each one in our #newly-hired Slack channel. These stories and students are why we love coming to work every day, and why our values, mission, and culture, remain as important to us as ever.

We could not have reached this point without the strength, support and dedication of past and present Fullstaffers. Thank you for being on this journey with us to improve the lives of students, our community and each other.

Warm regards,

David and Nimit