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Graphiti is a web-based data visualization tool for effortlessly building fully-customizable charts. Users can upload their own datasets, or query the Socrata Open Data API for data from thousands of public databases, and see multiple types of graphs render instantly based on the nature of the data selected.

Graphiti uses D3.js to convert raw data into bar graphs, scatterplots, pie charts, line graphs, and histograms. Scales and axes are generated algorithmically, allowing users to skip the tedious parts of creating graphs and get right to visualizing their data.

Graphiti makes it easy to customize any aspect of a graph, employing Angular's two-way data-binding to show changes in real-time. Users can also save a graph and its settings for later use, thanks to Amazon S3's cloud storage. Graphs can then be downloaded as crisp images or converted to HTML with the click of a button to be embedded in a presentation, paper, or blog post.

Project Members: Jon Perrelle, Zach Levine, Corey Greenwald, Geoff Bass

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