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Heartless, a webextension for fitness

Ever need a little encouragement to workout, but the internet lures you away? Using Google Fitness API data, Heartless will encourage you to workout by making browsing the web more difficult the lazier you are.

Heartless uses a content script / background script / and toolbar button, coordinated with a messaging system. The background script handles OAuth 2.0 authentication flow and credentials, making API calls to compatible fitness data APIs, and parsing/normalizing fitness data.

The content script is injected into the website, along with a small amount of CSS. It listens to events from both the background script and a browser button. In response to those events, the content script progressively hides the visible area of the browser window from the users view.

The lazier you are, the more of your browser view is blocked!

Code @

Project Members: Patrick Kilgore

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