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Teachers in high-needs schools often have difficulty managing their classroom while prioritizing learning time, especially during their first year. Increasingly, these schools are adopting teaching methods that emphasize zero downtime and quickly rewarding students with points or deductions for good or bad behavior. It's cool in theory, but it only stresses teachers out when they have to do so many things and record so much data without taking your eyes off the classroom, all the while keeping the pace of learning. It's even worse when the tools you're expected to use only slow you down more.

Jasmine's experience in high-needs schools, as well as her teacher-friends', inspired her to create an app that is fast, intuitive, and automates many of the tasks teachers are expected to do in-class, as well as after hours. The idea was to keep the teacher's attention on the students as much as possible while accomplishing vital classroom management tasks in as little time as possible.

Hecaton starts out with a simple, yet profoundly useful feature - sending SMS messages to a student's guardian in just one gesture, a tap of the finger. Jasmine will continue to implement more features as a proof of concept in an effort to define how tech and data should make teachers' lives easier, not more complicated.

Project Members: Jasmine English

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