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    How Coding, Creativity & Communication Combine to Make You a Stronger Developer

    By The Fullstack Academy Team


    Coding is often seen as analytical, mathematical, and overly technical. And while it can be all of those things, creativity and communication are key to your success as a software developer.

    “There’s a beauty and elegance in code that I find really attractive,” says Kevin Ho, a Fullstack New York alum and software engineer at Beacon Platform. “Good quality code that’s well-documented and well-tested has a logic and a pattern to it, just like really good music and really good dance.”

    Before attending Fullstack Academy, Kevin was a professional dancer, teacher, and choreographer in New York for more than 10 years.

    “I think my route into technology was direct, but my route into coding was a little more circuitous,” he says. “I knew I wanted to be where the relevant conversations are—and for me, the tech industry was it.”

    Looking for his second act, Kevin spent a lot of time considering his options and wanted to find something that was both rigorous and fulfilling.

    “I went to a lot of info sessions and a lot of campus tours and I looked at the entrance requirements for a lot of different programs, and from my perspective, Fullstack offered the most rigorous admissions process,” he says. “I went on a campus tour at Fullstack Academy [and] I knew it was the right fit for me—the right school.”

    If you have a creative background and want to take your career to the next level, you’d be surprised to find that coding can be a great fit.

    Software development shares a lot of similarities with creative work—from emphasizing collaboration and innovation to coming up with solutions to some of technology’s biggest challenges.

    “Artists are uniquely poised to be amazing engineers because we’re taught to solve problems,” he says. “But more importantly, we’re taught to communicate effectively … [and] ultimately that communication is really the key of not just delivering good code but also delivering code to clients.”

    In addition to helping him figure out his next step, Kevin’s Fullstack experience prepared him for his current role at Beacon Platform and beyond (Beacon Platform recently raised $20 million in Series B funding).

    “Fullstack teaches you how to think—how to learn. It exposes you to an environment that is incredibly immersive and technical,” he says.

    Fullstack’s software immersive program is focused on what matters most: getting students the education they need to enhance their careers, improve their skills, and make an impact on the industry as a whole.

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