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Intro to React Native

In this video Alvin Wen explains how React Native is a branch from React. It then Goes into detail about the similarities that exist and whether or not the codes from React can be extracted and used in React Native. The talk then dives deeper into key differences that React Native has with React; codes that would break silently and not throw errors. The very same piece of React code a programmer is confident in, may not be useful in React Native.
Through trial and error, multiple problems arose as a React Native app was being made. To prevent others from having the same issues as they take a stab at React Native, this Tech Talk dedicates majority of the time to explaining different approaches toward errors and if possible, how to avoid them all together.
By giving a basic introduction to React Native, Alvin hopes to show JavaScript and React programmers a new tool they can use, to create fun and enjoyable apps for the the world to enjoy.

Project Members: Alvin Wen

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