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Loop Sequencer

Have you ever wanted to try and make music, but didn't have access to an instrument or special music software?

If you answered yes, then you should try this:

With the Loop Sequencer, Mithun Selvaratnam implemented the first part of his project to build a DAW (digital audio workstation) entirely in the browser. This app features three instruments: a drum sampler, synthesizer, and bass, all in sequencer form. Users have control over the song's key, scale, octave, volume, tempo, and even have access to effects like reverb and chorus.

The Loop Sequencer was built using the Web Audio API and Tone.js libraries, along with NexusUI's front-end audio templates. Volume and pitch data are manipulated using functional Javascript, bound to the front-end using jQuery. Mithun's next step is to implement recording and arrangement features, which will allow users to compose and export full songs.

Project Members: Mithun Selvaratnam

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