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memory management, JS vs. C++ and understanding V8

In this video, Jasmine Zangi talks about the differences in memory management between C++ and JS from the programmer's perspective. In C++, as a static type language, the programer has much more control on the memory, hence, code optimizations are more handy. In JS, as a dynamically type language, memory management is handled under the hood by the JS engine that compiles and executes the JS code in the user's browser. Today, with smart engines such V8, it is important for the JS programmers to understand how their code impacts the JS engine's memory management. A better understanding leads to a synergy between the JS program to the JS engine. Jasmine starts with explanation about memory management in JS, then, gives a deep explanation about C++ memory management with examples and afterwards, talks about one aspect of the V8 work that is related to memory management. Finally, Jasmine concludes with some memory management takeways every JS programmer should keep in mind when writing their code.

Project Members: Jasmine Zangi

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