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New York Tweets

'New York Tweets' is a single-page app I built that visualises data on tweets in New York in real-time.


Instructions: If the link above is now showing the data being updated live, please, follow these steps:
1. Open the page in Chrome.
2. Install CORS extension for Chrome: .

Project summary: To optimize performance, for the back-end, I used a Digital Ocean remote server which first, collects data using Twitter Developer API, and second, listens to HTTP requests and provides data I ask for through API gateways.

Interestingly, given that Twitter feeds hierarchical data through its API, I use a noSQL MongoDB database to manage data.

Front-end of my application relies on React, Mapbox and Bootstrap. For visual effects, I also use React-Rellax library.

Project Members: Guli Kholmatova

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