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Parkitech is an advanced work management app built using React, Mapbox, and PostgreSQL that allows park organizations to track tasks by location, status, and priority. The site is responsive to allow for both in-office desktop and on-site mobile usage, enabling teams to collaborate from a distance and in a more coordinated, effective, and timely manner.

Tasks are added by category and geotagged to the latitude and longitude coordinates in the park where the task needs to be completed. Team members can add new categories, create new tasks, and update the status and priority level of an existing task as progress is made. A map view with the ability to filter by status and/or priority is provided and plots all tasks at their geotagged locations for a comprehensive overview of everything tagged in the park. As an added bonus, the dashboard includes current weather through Dark Sky's API to help teams schedule their outdoor work plans and avoid getting caught in the rain!

Project Members: Amy De Genaro

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