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Platformer Battle

Do you remember Mario Party?

We miss the fun of competing in small, silly games with friends while exchanging playful banter. We believe that corner of the mobile game market is unsaturated, and we envisioned a modern platform for this style of gaming with friends.

Platformer Battle serves as a prototype for this vision. Built in only 4 days, Platformer Battle includes a Chat component, a Lobby/Leaderboard system, and a React setup to serve up random mini games.

The front end components are built with React and are managed by a Redux store. is used to facilitate communication between players and their game clients, and an Express server serves the html files as well as dispatching client updates on the backend.

The mini games are built using Phaser.Js, and Ramda.js is used for writing cleaner functions and reusable code.

We look forward to building more mini games and building out the platform. Follow our progress at:

Project Members: Christopher Rizzo, Omer Nadeem

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