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Pop Writer

Pop Writer was born out of the need for an uncluttered, easy-to-use editor that could understand its content. Screenplays are always divided into proscribed components, such as "scene header," "character" and "dialogue," that do not change, and each component's formatting must adhere to strict industry guidelines. Therefore, screenwriters need a smart editor, not a complicated one. The app’s intelligence extends to a full suite of analytics tools – see the screenplay’s “big picture.”

Pop Writer provides a clean interface that automatically tags and formats text to meet industry expectations. Each press of the tab key cycles through different component types and automatically formats text. Slide out the scenes panel and drag and drop a scene to automatically change its order in the screenplay. Now the screenplay is smart, the components are tagged, and Pop Writer's analytics tools can be used to learn more about the screenplay and improve one’s writing.

Pop Writer’s analytics will show the overall sentiment arc of the dialogue across the breadth of a screenplay. Identify the emotional spikes that propel the movie’s progression. Use the character weight tool to weigh the significance of each character and the relative amount of dialogue each contributes to the movie. Take a deeper dive into understanding each character by learning his or her most frequently used words. Finally, compare the analytics of a screenplay from the editor to those of a popular movie.


Project Members: Elizabeth Funk, Navjot Singh, Anthony Velli, Massimo Crapanzano

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