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RaveCloud is intended to be a proof of concept for the idea of using non-fungible asset tokens as concert tickets, specifically implementing the Ethereum ERC-721 token standard. With the ERC-721 standard, a token can't be divided into parts like a currency, there can only be one owner at a time, and each token can be assigned unique metadata to classify it as unique beyond the ownership. The site allows a user to login as a user or as a venue, using Ethereum browser wallet extension MetaMask. The venue page includes an option to "mint" new tickets (tokens) with specific concert data associated with them. They can then put these tokens up for auction via an auction contract. The user page allows a user to see all auctioned tokens, bid on those tokens, and see all owned tokens. A user can also put tickets up for auction to allow for peer-to-peer selling.

Project Members: Andrew Drummond

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