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Steps is a better way to experience physical therapy. Our two-sided platform offers tools for both patient and therapist to improve treatment outcomes. Physical Therapist surveys estimate the physical therapy outpatient population at about 10 million adults per year with only 30% of those patients completing their treatments. That's a huge treatment failure rate, even accounting for early recoveries. It's also a big loss of business revenue for physical therapists, who aren't working with their patients through a complete treatment cycle. Given the outdated practices prevalent in physical therapy today -- paper handouts and infrequent appointments -- this might not be such a surprise.

Steps offers a suite of digital tools for patients to better engage in their treatments. Treatment plans and exercises are easily accessed via mobile with helpful videos and clear information. Patients can log their treatment workouts and see their improvement over time, including pain metrics on specific exercises. There's even real-time chat, allowing patients to bring urgent issues to their therapists attention and overall feel more engaged in the treatment process.

On the flip-side, Steps provides the physical therapist real-time insight into her patient's improvement (or lack thereof), putting a new spin on the "how has it been going question?" during follow-up appointments. Therapists can also easily create new exercises for their patients and new treatment plans, as well as view a multitude of practice information, including current plans, historical plans, and aggregated analytics about the effectiveness of their treatments.

Steps is physical therapy for today's world.

Project Members: Emily Ho, Hiten Patel, Jake Peyser, Mike Williams

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