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TerraWatts is a multiplayer economic strategy game, playable in the browser. Players take turns auctioning power plants, purchasing resources off the market, and building cities with the goal of ultimately providing power to more cities than any other player. The frontend uses the D3 library for simple manipulation of the map and resource market, and is socketed to a Firebase database to have instant access to any changes to the game data. The UI is designed to ensure that players cannot make any illegal moves, and each move is validated once more on the back end to prevent cheating. The backend is built with the state design pattern to handle the many types of actions players can take, and to ensure that our game data is altered appropriately. Our game removes the need for players to do much arithmetic in their heads, utilizing and modifying a classic algorithm to handle the math of building cities on a weighted graph. Visit us at, and challenge your friends to an intense game of energy intrigue!

Project Members: Jungho Son Dan Peach Luis Martins, Mike Ingber

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