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Victory: Kaltura Mini Hackathon


Congratulations to Tara Lerias, Alex Baden, and Eddie Ng on their recent hackathon win at the Kaltura Mini Hackathon; lasting just a few hours this team punched out a great project and took home the prize.

Alex Baden wrote a little bit about their project, “Timely Comments”:

We eventually decided to build out “Timely Comments”, which acts like a comment widget next to the Kaltura video player. Rather than being a standard commenting widget however, Timely Comments assures a “spoil-free” experience. While watching a Kaltura video with Timely Comments enabled, you will only see comments appear at the specific time in the video where the commenter was when they left the comment. This provides a unique viewing experience where it feels like you are watching the show with other people but actually allows everyone to watch the video on their own time.

We can’t wait to see what this group does next with Timely Comments.

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