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WiN yo Life!

Are you working too hard? Do you feel tired and burnt out after sitting at your computer all day trying to be productive? Or are you hardly working and spending your precious work time on distracting websites? Working hard or hardly working, you'll be sure to benefit from our awesome Chrome extension - WiN yo Life! Inspired by the pomodoro technique, this Chrome extension will let you set custom timers for work and play. You can assign different distracting websites to blacklists that affect your productivity, which are only allowed to be viewed during the allotted play time. Opening a new tab also provides a motivation boost with our custom clock and Bingle (Google) search bar, and a randomized assortment of motivational manatees will give you support and encouragement through the day. New features to be added in the future include exercise options during play time (e.g. stretches, or encouraging a short walk) and customizable reminders to stay hydrated, eat a healthy meal, or to call your parents!

WiN yo Life! was created with the basic Chrome extension starter - a manifest.json, HTML/CSS, and Javascript and JQuery.

"Work is not" your life, so WiN it back with this great productivity tool!

Project Members: Franklin Lee and Liana Chin

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