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Learn fullstack software development without quitting your job.

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All the benefits of bootcamp on a part-time schedule.

Fullstack Academy is one of the most challenging educational experiences you’ll ever have.

Our part-time coding bootcamp curriculum is built to:

  • Help you master a single in-demand language: full-stack JavaScript
  • Expose you to pair programming and team projects
  • Give you a leg up in the working world

Combine all that with top-notch career counseling, and you’ll graduate with the tech skills and career know-how to land your next position and build the career you want.

Our 28-week part-time coding bootcamp in New York and Chicago offers you all the benefits of a full-time bootcamp:

  • Cutting-edge curriculum
  • Diverse cohort of students working hard to reach their career goals
  • Whip-smart instructors invested in student success
  • Welcoming and supportive network of staff and fellows

Plus the perks of attending part-time:

  • More time to absorb concepts and build projects
  • Ability to keep earning, studying, parenting--anything your life requires
  • Lower cost ($13,980 part-time vs. $15,980 full-time)

The Fullstack Academy Experience

This is probably the hardest program you'll ever take. But it will change your life.

Front-end Development

User expectations of Web and Mobile Applications have significantly increased in the last 10 years and the level of sophistication of front-end development has increased to match it. We'll study HTML5 and CSS and go beyond with modern technologies like React.


Master data persistence by building your own SQL database engine, learning about new NoSQL databases like Redis and Mongo, and how to integrate these into your applications.

Back-end Development

Take your JavaScript skills to the backend with Node.js and the amazing ecosystem of libraries that have made JavaScript the leader in next-generation backend web engineering. Master the use of APIs to connect to vast amounts of user data.

Real-world coding tools

You will use popular developer tools like Git, Github, Bash, Sublime and Chrome Dev Tools.

"Fullstack's key to success is our dynamic curriculum, which is constantly updated based on tech trends and direct feedback from our hiring partners."

David Yang

Co-founder and CEO, Fullstack Academy

Program Schedule

Flex is designed to fit perfectly into the working professional's schedule, with a mix of live and remote instruction, balancing educational rigor with work-life balance.

The on-campus portion of the course (24 weeks long) is delivered over 2 weeknights per week and 1 immersive weekend per month. On immersive weekends, students spend all day Saturday and Sunday on campus for an intense learning experience. The other three weekends each month are flexible and meant to be used for review.

The Immersive Weekend structure gives Flex students the immersive experience and extra hours needed to cover the same curriculum and projects as Fullstack's full-time course. And by structuring work remotely 3 weekends each month, you have the flexibility most weeks to complete work when it's convenient for you.


  • Foundations is a 30-hour per week prep course that you will take for the first 4 weeks. You will work through the Foundations material on your own pace, to get ready for the live portion of the immersive that starts in week 5.

    In Foundations, you will develop a solid base of programming knowledge, allowing you to start the live portion of the course at an intermediate level, and at a fast pace.

    After completing Foundations, you will have a firm grasp on the more advanced areas of JavaScript — including closure, scoping, prototypal inheritance and recursion. You will also understand the difference between front-end and back-end and be completely comfortable working in the web development environment, will be well versed in HTML & CSS, and will have built your first Node.js application.

  • The on-campus portion of Flex is where students learn Fullstack's core curriculum through lectures, workshops, pair programming and office hours. Additionally, you'll deepen your expertise by building a series of projects from scratch, which will also serve as your coding portfolio.

    Flex meets two weeknights each week at the Fullstack Academy campus and one weeknight each week remotely.

    One full weekend each month, Flex students come to campus on both Saturday and Sunday for an immersive learning experience. These weekends will pack in a lot of material and hands-on coding, give you the feedback and collaboration needed to get through Fullstack's in-depth curriculum.

  • In the final four weeks of your course, our placement team will begin matching your interests with employers — a process that will continue after graduation. With our dedicated training program on technical interviewing and becoming a star developer, we'll make sure you're ready!

    After graduating from the course, you will have the opportunity to show your projects to and interview with hiring employers at Fullstack's Launch Day. Many students find developer positions directly from Launch Day!

Build a portfolio of apps

By the time you graduate from Flex Immersive, you will have four projects in your software engineering portfolio — including three web applications and a Portfolio Enrichment Project, such as a blog post or a tech talk. All of your code will be on Github, which will be impressive to future employers. If you want some inspiration, check out some recent student projects below.

  • DJ.JS

    DJ'ing with motion capture and JavaScript

    Duck Hunt

    Retro video game (controlled with a tablet!)

    Hey...how you doin'?

    Facial recognition figures out your mood


    Monitor your critters over the internet

  • Evox

    An immersive 3D life simulator engine

    Dance Dance Evolution

    A web-based rhythmic dance game

    Reel Cool

    Instagram for Video in your browser


    Make apps using React Native

  • How to Use Node.js Streams

    Andrew Ash

    Basic UX Principles

    Nick Ellsworth

    Heroku vs. AWS

    Jungho Son

    Debugging with Chrome Dev Tools

    Lily Jen

Typical Weekly Schedule

You will get a full classroom experience with your classmates and instructors, through a mix of live lectures, workshops and team projects. Below is an example of what a typical week looks like. Please note that a Flex cohort meets in-person on either a Tuesday-Thursday or Monday-Wednesday schedule for the entire course, depending on the cohort.

MondayOn Campus - 6:40PM to 9:40PM
TuesdayRemote Evening Study Session - 3 hrs
WednesdayOn Campus - 6:40PM to 9:40PM
ThursdayNo Class - At Home Review
FridayNo Class - At Home Review
SaturdayImmersive Weekend on campus
(1 full weekend per month)

Pair Programming

During the immersive program, you will pair program with every student in your cohort at least once. You will collaborate to solve programming challenges and double-check each other's work.

Some things are better shared

Employers love to see engineers who have ample pair programming experience — which you will get as you work through the program.

You will also form meaningful new friendships with your programming partners, which will last a lifetime — and that will create networking opportunities for you in the years ahead.

High Quality Instructors

One of the reasons for our top rank in the country is our inspiring team of instructors, including:

  • Eliot Szwajkowski
    Fullstack JavaScript Engineer
  • Eric Katz
    Fullstack JavaScript Engineer
See all instructors

Career Prep

By the time you complete the immersive program, you will have everything you need to power your job search — and land your dream job as a software engineer:

Portfolio of apps

The projects you build will create an amazing portfolio that showcases your skills and experience

Github profile

Employers want to see a strong Github profile (like this one) — and that is exactly what you will have by the end of the program

LinkedIn profile

We will help you write a software engineering profile that will really stand out from the crowd (including demo videos of your applications)


You will work with our Career Success Team to craft an elegant resume that shows off your skills as a fullstack software engineer

We will help you get ready for technical interviews by doing practice interviews and working through dozens of sample technical questions.

And we will introduce you to our hiring partners at top technology firms, to find opportunities that might be a good fit.

Our graduates get hired by industry leaders:

Master Series

We give you the tools to build a long and successful career in software development.

Master series

We know that your learning journey doesn't end on the last day at Fullstack. That’s why we’ve created the Masters Series, a collection of workshops and lectures designed to deepen your understanding of key computer science concepts and industry best practices, giving you the tools and confidence you need to keep moving forward in your new career.

Explore the Master Series


Joel Darling
Software Engineer, CraftOps

I can't say enough good things about my experience. Eric Katz, the lead instructor, did an incredible job, and consistently went above and beyond to make sure we learned the material, and learned it well.

Mark Hansen
Founder, HeyMayor!

For my startup, I'm launching clusters of networked docker containers, utilizing machine learning, and develop on the tools of industry leaders. This past year I was in San Francisco with a Y-Combinator startup. None of this would be even remotely possible without Fullstack.

Victor Atteh
Software Engineer, Artivest

I would highly recommend Fullstack’s Flex program as a feasible way to get the learning experience of their full time course but in a part time format.

John Gruska
Software Engineer, Google

As co-founder David Yang warned me during our first conversation last year, there is no such thing as a "magic pill" when it comes to anything in life, and Fullstack is no exception. It requires hard work and determination, but the experience and end result -- at least in my case -- is nothing short of magical.

Read more reviews online

What do our students do after finishing the Software Engineering Immersive? Watch some recent grads answer this in their own words.

Ash Ryan

Developer Evangelist @ Adobe

Cristina Colon

Fullstack developer @ Hightower

Sarah Zinger

Fullstack developer @ Zuzu

David Chang & Christian Sakai

Founders @ Ninth Beat

Press Coverage

Read about Fullstack Academy in the news:


The flex immersive program is a challenging and rewarding educational experience.

Man with glasses looking at computer

With an in-depth curriculum spanning computer science fundamentals to front-end and back-end software development, Fullstack is a great environment for motivated, passionate students.

The curriculum does not start at a beginner level, so some programming experience is required to succeed in the course. We recommend checking out our Bootcamp Prep course to see if it's right for you.

What are we looking for?

Binary love icon

Passion for coding

You have demonstrated your passion by beginning to learn on your own, and are determined to become a developer whether you get into Fullstack or not.

Pedestal icon

Growth Mindset

Whatever you have worked on so far, you have strived for excellence. You are focused on growth for yourself and others.

Thumbs down icon

"No asshole" rule*

We live by a no-asshole policy. We look for students who are considerate, understanding, helpful and generally pleasant to be around.

*Inspired by Robert I. Sutton.

Tuition & Dates

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Flex Immersive Tuition

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*Based on loan of $15,980 over 5-year term
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Cohort Dates
Weeknight In-Person Schedule
Application Deadline
Aug 9
Sep 16, 2019 - Mar 11, 2020
Mon & Wed
Jul 28
Sep 6
Oct 15, 2019 - Apr 9, 2020
Tue & Thu
Aug 25
Weekend Structure
September 2019 Cohort Weekend Dates
Immersive Weekends
  • Saturday, September 28 and Sunday, September 29
  • Saturday, October 26 and Sunday, October 27
  • Saturday, December 7 and Sunday, December 8
  • Saturday, January 25, 2020 and Sunday, January 26, 2020
  • Saturday, February 8, 2020 and Sunday, February 9, 2020
  • Saturday, March 7, 2020 and Sunday, March 8, 2020
  • Other WeekendsAt-home review


    • Why should I attend Fullstack Academy?

      If you want to build a career in software development, Fullstack offers you the best launchpad. Through a combination of thorough admissions, a carefully crafted curriculum & educational structure, and top-notch instructors, Fullstack's program takes passionate students with a base of programming skill and makes them into professional software engineers. We know what it takes from a professional, personal and mental level to be a top-performer.

    • How is the program structured?

      The expectations of Flex are different from that of the full-time Immersive. Students should plan on not just studying on the days they are in class. Students are also expected to work outside of class hours (especially on weekends) which is done through the help of curated projects designed by the instructors.

      The curriculum is less based on large multi-hour workshops, and more focused on many smaller targeted focus workshops. While ‘in-class’ hours may in fact be lower, the total hours spent learning over 6 months is much higher. And Flex has its own content to make sure this is guided, even if not by the instructors in person at all times.

    • What does “remote study session” on Tuesdays/Wednesdays mean?

      Remote study sessions happen once a week, on the weeknight between the in-person class sessions. There is no formal lecture on those study session evenings, but students are encouraged to dedicate this time to Flex work. Live online help is available from teaching fellows, and students are encouraged to carve out the time to work with each other.

    • Is it harder to meet people in other cohorts, due to the schedule? Will I be missing out on networking opportunities?

      We hear time and time again from our students that one of the best parts of the Immersive experience is meeting other awesome, driven people. This is absolutely not limited if you choose the Flex program. You’ll meet other like-minded, brilliant individuals, and have opportunities to network with other students at outside events, like Hacker Hours.

      Another advantage of Flex is that you’ll get to know your classmates very well over the period of 6 months!

    • What do I need?

      Most importantly, you'll need to bring an open, well-rested and hungry mind ready for learning. We highly recommend using a Mac, but students have also had success using Linux (e.g. Ubuntu).

    • I have heard that keeping motivated over the 6 months might be a challenge. How do students cope with this?

      It's definitely a marathon, but you’ll get into the swing of it after a bit. There's a constant stream of new concepts in junior phase and new projects in senior phase that will keep you moving and thinking! When you think of it, most good things require a challenge. What’s good to know is that you will be surrounded by an incredibly supportive community and faculty, and, of course, powered on by the end goal of becoming a software engineer.

    • On average, how many hours a week of work outside of class do students put in?

      This depends largely on the student and the concept. Some students put in much more time than others. Some concepts and projects may take more time. On average, you can expect to put in about 15+ hours a week. You also won’t have to guess what to work on--the instructors will provide you with ideas and concepts to focus on outside of the workshop material.

    • What is the alumni network like for the Flex Program?

      The Flex program has a solid and growing alumni network! Your alumni network also isn’t limited to Flex grads--you can reach out to pretty much anyone in the Fullstack alumni network, which is worldwide!

    • Why should I do Flex? Is this the right program for me?

      Students often choose Flex because of the ability to work while studying. Many students also choose Flex because of the amount of time they get to spend with the material--6 months compared to 3 months.

    • How can I ask more questions?

      We're happy to answer any other questions you might have about Fullstack. Email hello@fullstackacademy.com or chat with a student advisor on our homepage.

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