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Future Code: Diversifying the Future of Web Development in NYC at Fullstack Academy

No-cost career training at our immersive coding bootcamp

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Future Code Applications are Closed. Check Your Eligibility and Join the Waitlist.

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Future Code Overview

Get no-cost career training, a weekly living stipend—and then get hired by a top company

Note: Applications for Future Code are now closed, but you can still check your eligibility and join the waitlist.

Future Code is a 31-plus-week immersive training program designed to prepare New Yorkers with no previous professional web development experience for careers in web development at salaries of $65,000 or more.

By providing no-cost web development training, career services, and connections to high-paying jobs, this program aims to increase the diversity of web developers in New York City to include populations that are underrepresented in tech, especially Black and Latinx New Yorkers.

Future code participants

Future Code students will receive support that includes but is not limited to: an introduction to the basics of coding, career coaching throughout training, lectures and workshops that address the unique challenges and strengths of under-represented tech pros including Black and Latinx software engineers and professionals in the industry, and a weekly living stipend during the full-time portion of the training and additional support during the job search period.

The Fullstack Academy Experience

Our rigorous program comes with all the community support you'll need to succeed—the perfect environment in which to launch your new career.

For Future Code, we're stepping up our academic and career resources to focus on the unique challenges experienced by underrepresented populations to ensure all students are supported and ready to get a great job in web development.

Top-Rated Coding Bootcamp

Fullstack Academy is a highly rated coding school in the US, and our student reviews reflect that.

Professional Results

Our graduates get hired by amazing companies like Google and Amazon.

Experienced Instructors

You'll learn from passionate programmers who love to teach and know how to help students succeed. From large open-source libraries to quantum computer simulators, they've hacked it all.

Strong Job Market

New York City is home to several of the leading tech companies in the world. It’s also a global financial center, not to mention a hotbed of startup innovation. All that to say: Web developers are in high demand and make good money.

Real-World Coding Tools

Our curriculum will introduce you to popular developer tools like Git, Github, Bash, Sublime, and Chrome Dev Tools.

A Culture of Inclusivity

Everyone at Fullstack—from your classmates to your instructors and beyond—is expected to be open, understanding, and supportive. And it’s a good thing, because those people are going to be a big part of your professional network. The attitude at Fullstack is that we’re all in this together.

Launch a Career With Future Code

Have questions or want to know more about training with Future Code to start a coding career? Check out our Virtual Info Session video to:

  • Discover how to become a Web Developer with help from Future Code

  • Learn more about the Fullstack Academy difference, career success, and outcomes

  • Get program details and answers to frequently asked questions

Our experienced instructors and career success coaches at Fullstack Academy will guide you throughout your Future Code journey and assist you in joining the lucrative field of coding.

Future Code Dates

Note: Applications for Future Code are now closed, but you can still check your eligibility and join the waitlist.

This is a 100% online program.

Eligibility Requirements

This no-cost program is an opportunity offered by the City of New York. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Current resident of New York City
  • Limited or no prior experience with the basics of coding and no paid professional web development or similar experience
  • Do not have a Computer Science degree and are not currently pursuing a Computer Science degree
  • Unemployed, or earn $50,000 or less if currently employed
  • Authorized to work in the United States
  • Meet federal selective service requirements
  • Fluent in English
  • Interested in gaining full-time employment as a web developer and are available to attend all sessions of the program
  • At least 18 years of age

Special Notes

  • Black and Latinx New Yorkers are strongly encouraged to apply
  • An advanced degree is not necessary to succeed in this training. New Yorkers with a high school degree or equivalency, associate degree, or some college experience are encouraged to apply
  • All New Yorkers may apply
  • Eligibility does not guarantee acceptance; all interested candidates must complete and be selected via a competitive application process
  • Future Code is a 100% remote, online program

Curriculum and Program Structure

The 31 plus-week program combines lectures, workshops, projects, and more to help master both the practical and technical skills needed to get hired as a web developer.

Students will also receive weekly stipends to help with living expenses while enrolled in full-time training.

This is a program for beginners interested in pursuing a career as a web developer/software engineer. Applicants are not expected to have any previous knowledge of programming.

Advanced applicants are encouraged to apply to our Full-time Coding Bootcamp or Grace Hopper Program.


All applicants will start with Fullstack Academy’s Pre-Training.

As part of this introduction, participants will have one day each week dedicated to career readiness topics, including an introduction to tech careers and a day in the life of a software engineer.

The schedule is part-time, Monday through Thursdays, from 6:45 – 9:45PM, with about 8+ hours of work outside of class expected per week.

At the end of Pre-Training, participants will take a technical assessment to demonstrate what they have learned during pre-training. Performance on this assessment and throughout the course determines whether or not participants are invited to complete a technical interview for continued enrollment in the remainder of the program.

What you’ll learn:

  • Intro to HTML
  • Intro to CSS
  • Intro to Javascript
  • Intro to Git and Deployment
  • Defining and invoking functions
  • Data types
  • Control flow, truthy/falsy, and loops
  • Objects
  • Multidimensional arrays and nested loops
  • Recursion
  • Approaching problems, review, and mock interview

Foundations is the first phase of the program. Foundations is 4 weeks of self-paced, full-time, instructor-supported training that will build on the skills participants learned during Bootcamp Prep.

In Foundations, Participants will continue to build a strong understanding of the fundamentals of JavaScript and start to understand how a web application is put together from the ground up. Participants will also revisit HTML and CSS in more depth nd get introduced to Node.js.

In addition, during this part of the program, participants will be introduced to what a technical interview is, how the process works, and what employers typically expect from job candidates. Beginning in this phase, participants will practice technical interviewing regularly throughout the rest of training – so that the time you get to a real-life interview, you will be more than ready.

The schedule is full-time, Monday through Fridays, from 10AM – 6PM, with about 12+ hours of work outside of class expected per week.

Over the next ten weeks, participants will build out their core skill set in the three main areas they will need to become professional web developers: back-end design and development; front-end development; and computer science concepts.

The schedule is full-time, Monday through Fridays, from 10AM– 6PM, with about 16+ hours of work outside of class expected per week. Classes are 100% online.

Front-End Development

In the front-end section, participants will learn how to make a website look beautiful and be easy for people to use. Participants will build on the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge they will have learned in previous sections. In this section, participants will also learn about how to keep a website secure.

Back-End Development

In the back-end section, participants will learn how to make a website work “behind the scenes.” This will include content on how to organize data so that a computer can use it; how to test your code to make sure that it works before it goes live; and how to write code in a way that makes it fast and easy for a computer to use.

Computer Science

Finally, in the computer science concepts section, participants will learn the basics of computer science needed to be a top-notch web developer.

At this point in the program, participants will have a solid understanding of the technologies we teach. The next step? Using what you’ve learned to build fully functional web applications.

In addition to working with various teammates on the three projects outlined below, participants will continue practicing for technical interviews and deepen their industry knowledge by learning best practices.

Guided Team Project

Known as Grace Shopper (did we mention we love puns?), this project requires you to work in groups of 3 or 4 to create an e-commerce site. This goal of this project is for you to learn how to build all the components of a web application from the ground up—and that includes the front end, the back end, and the application’s database functionality. This is a core proficiency for any working developer.

Personal Project

Here, we’ll challenge you to use what you’ve learned so far to come up with an idea for a web or mobile application—and then build the entire thing on your own. You’ll have to take design considerations into account—like user experience and information architecture—and learn any new technologies or libraries your app necessitates, which will help you “learn how to learn,” so when you begin your career, you’ll be able to learn any employer’s stack in a relatively short amount of time and stay relevant by keeping up with trends in software development.

Capstone Project

You’ll want to cap your time in the Future Code fellowship with an ambitious, impressively executed final project. Employers want to know not only that you have web development skills but also that you’re able to communicate your process to both other developers and non-technical project stakeholders, as that’s how development projects often work in the real world.

To that end, you’ll need to work well with your teammates and understand how your own contribution to the project fits into the project as a whole. During the final week of class, we’ll record all the capstone presentations, and then you’ll receive a recording of your specific project to share on your GitHub, your website, or any other professional platforms. Check out these incredible Capstones from former Fullstack students.

All Fullstack graduates receive guidance and mentorship from Fullstack Academy’s career success team—both before graduation and after. We're kicking that commitment up a notch for our students in the Future Code: Diversifying the Future of Web Development in NYC program. You'll have your first sessions with career success starting in your very first week of Intro to Coding, so you can start networking and preparing yourself for the job search from the start. As you approach graduation and start your job search, our career success team will check in with you one-on-one, run you through mock interviews, help you negotiate during the hiring process, and keep you motivated and supported during this crucial time.

We also host an in-house job fair during the final week of the program exclusively for Fullstack and Grace Hopper seniors. There, you’ll have an opportunity to interview with recruiters actively seeking developers with your qualifications. We call this opportunity Launch Day because we see it as the official launch of what’s bound to be a challenging but incredibly rewarding job search process. This event may be either in-person or virtual, depending on what's possible at the time.

All this support from our Career Success team—plus technical interview practice every morning of Senior Phase—pays off when Fullstack graduates go on to get hired at major companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and LinkedIn but also at financial giants like JPMorgan and Amex and startups, edtech companies, e-commerce businesses, nonprofits, and more. Visit our hiring outcomes page to learn where else grads get hired and how much they end up making in their very first roles.

Build a Portfolio of Projects

By the time you graduate from Future Code at Fullstack Academy, you’ll have three web applications in your software engineering portfolio. During your job search, these projects will demonstrate your coding expertise to employers. Check out the actual examples below of what you’ll be able to build after 31+ weeks with Fullstack.

Career Prep

By the time you complete Future Code, you will have everything you need to power your job search—and land your dream job as a software engineer:

Portfolio of Apps

The projects you build will create an amazing portfolio that showcases your skills and experience.

LinkedIn Profile

We’ll help you build a software engineering profile that stands out from the crowd and includes demo videos of the applications you’ve built.

GitHub Profile

GitHub is an invaluable tool for collaboration and version control in web development and is where most web developers display their personal projects. Employers want to see a strong GitHub profile, and that is exactly what you’ll have by the end of the program.

Technical Resume

You'll work with our Career Success team to craft a resume that conforms to industry standards and shows off your skills as a fullstack software engineer.

Every morning of senior phase begins with technical interview prep, so by the time you graduate, you’ll have worked through dozens of sample technical questions.

Our graduates get hired by industry leaders:

Admissions Process

To apply for Future Code at Fullstack Academy, you will need to successfully complete the following:

Stage 1: Submit an application

Stage 2: Complete and pass our logical reasoning assessment

Stage 3: Interview Screening with WF1

Stage 4: Complete and pass our pseudo-coding assessment

Stage 5: Receive tentative acceptance email and invitation to an introductory course

Stage 6: Successfully complete introductory course and final assessment

Stage 7: Schedule and complete technical interview

Stage 8: Receive final admissions decision

For questions about the process, please email

Please, do not schedule phone call appointments with Student Advisors. Student Advisors do not have information about your candidacy and cannot advise on the process for the Future Code program. For questions, please reach out to the email provided above.

What If I Don't Qualify

Future Code is for New York City residents with specific work experience and income requirements. If you don’t meet one or more of these requirements, there are other ways for you to pursue your education with us.