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Fullstack's Cutting-Edge Curriculum, Taught Part-Time Over 28 Weeks

Fullstack Academy’s Flex Immersive is the part-time equivalent of the Software Engineering Immersive. Through an advanced curriculum and project based structure, students learn today’s cutting edge development technologies. The Flex-Immersive is designed for students who prefer not to leave their day jobs and are ready to take on an extra educational challenge during their evenings and weekends.

Flex covers the same JavaScript-driven curriculum as the full-time program, and immerses you in the latest web technologies such as Node.js, AngularJS and MongoDB. The course is also well suited for product managers, designers, marketers and front-end developers looking to deepen technical expertise. Check the cohort dates here.

Looking for a shorter, more introductory course? Fullstack has other, short-form classes. Check out JavaScript Jumpstart, our 2 week beginner JavaScript class that covers the fundamentals of programming, and Introduction to Front-End Development, our 10 week in-depth course on client side coding.

Next Flex Immersive start date

July 2016

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Graduate hiring rate

“As a graduate of Fullstack, employers will know that you have the ability to learn quickly.”

Stav Meidan - October 2014
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Program Schedule

Flex is designed to fit into the working professional's schedule, with a mix of live and remote instruction. The on-campus portion of the course (24 weeks long) meets live two weeknights each week (Tuesday & Thursday), at the Fullstack Academy campus in downtown NYC, and on the weekends. The weekends rotate between live and remote instruction. One weekend each month is an immersive weekend where students spend all day Saturday and Sunday on campus for an intense learning experience. The other three weekends each month contain one day of remote work, mostly completed at a student's own pace.

The Immersive Weekend structure gives Flex students the immersive experience and extra hours needed to cover the same curriculum and projects as Fullstack's full-time course. And by structuring work remotely 3 weekends each month, you have the flexibility most weeks to complete work when it's convenient for you.

Fullstack Foundations

4 Weeks - Remote

The first part of your educational journey at Fullstack, Foundations, is an intensive introductory course designed to help you master the core concepts of programming.

Foundations is not just a list of links to online tutorials. In Foundations, you'll be working on a targeted core curriculum with live instructors and real coding projects. You'll be prepared to hit the ground running when you come to campus.

Monday Day off
Tuesday Classroom - 6:30PM to 9:30PM
Wednesday At home - Review: 2hrs
Thursday Classroom - 6:30PM to 9:30PM
Remote Weekend
Friday - Monday 8 hours Total Remote Work (Timing Flexible)
Immersive Weekend
Saturday/Sunday Classroom - 9:00AM to 6:30PM

Fullstack Academy

24 Weeks - On-Campus: In-Person & Remote

The on-campus portion of Flex is where students learn Fullstack's core curriculum through lectures, workshops, pair programming and office hours. Additionally, you'll deepen your expertise by building a series of projects from scratch, which will also serve as your coding portfolio. Learn more about the course's structure here.

In-Person Evenings: 2 nights per week

Flex meets two weeknights each week at Fullstack Academy's campus at 5 Hanover Square, NYC.

Remote Weekends: 3 weekends per month

Flex weekends are split between remote and in-person. 3 weekends each month will be structured remotely, watching lecture and workshop review videos, completing assignments, reviewing solutions, and remote pair-programming with classmates.

Immersive Weekends: 1 weekend per month

One weekend each month, Flex students come to campus for full days on both Saturday and Sunday for an immersive learning experience. These weekends will pack in a lot of material and hands-on coding, give you the feedback and collaboration needed to get through Fullstack's in-depth curriculum.

Note: See the last section of this page for Immersive and Remote Weekend Dates for the January 2016 Flex Cohort.

Fullstack Flight

4 Weeks - Remote

In the 2nd half of your semester, our placement team will begin matching your interests with employers — a process that will continue after graduation. With our dedicated training program on technical interviewing and becoming a star developer, we'll make sure you're ready!

To ensure your skills continue improving throughout the recruitment process, the Flight curriculum will provide you the structure, projects and focus you need to keep learning and growing.

What will I learn?

Being a great software engineers means not only being fluent with the latest frameworks and languages, but also having an evolved intuition for writing efficient and beautiful code before mastering the higher level technologies in software development for the web.

Computer Science

We stand on the shoulders of giants - become fluent in the use of data structures, algorithms and run-time analysis. We'll also study best practices in software engineering: Object-Oriented Design, asynchronous programming and software design.

Front-end Development

User expectations of Web and Mobile Applications have significantly increased in the last 10 years and the level of sophistication of front-end development has increased to match it. We'll study HTML5 and CSS and go beyond with modern frameworks like Angular and React.

Back-end Development

Take your JavaScript skills to the backend with Node.js and the amazing ecosystem of libraries that have made JavaScript the leader in next-generation backend web engineering. Master the use of APIs to connect to vast amounts of user data.


Master data persistence by building your own SQL database engine, learning about new NoSQL databases like Redis and Mongo and how to integrate these into your applications.

Tools & best practices

Git, text editors, Test-Driven Development, virtual machines... know the state of the art tools that developers are using to increase the productivity of their work.

CTO Program

We know your dreams don’t stop at making your first app. Our curriculum includes the CTO Program, breakout modules that get you ready to become a leader in the exciting and in-demand software development industry.


Customer Testimonails

The knowledge, connections, and opportunities I've gained from the Fullstack experience well exceeded my expectations. Fullstack was one of the best professional decisions I've ever made.

Edward Izzo

Senior Developer, New York Stock Exchange
Customer Testimonails

Fullstack Academy is the fastest and most effective way to learn to code today. I know that acquiring the same knowledge would have taken at least 5X longer without Fullstack, if not more.

Nathan Grotticelli

Founder, unightlife.io

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Student projects

Every 7 weeks our students present some amazing final projects


An immersive 3D life simulator game.

Dance Dance Evolution

A web-based rhythmic dance game.


Tower defense game for programmers.


Note sharing chrome extension for the web.

The Fullstack Experience

Experienced instructors

Work with passionate programmers who love to teach and are damn good at it. From large open source libraries to quantum computer simulators, they've hacked it all.

The best city on earth

Spend six intensive and amazing months New York City, the greatest city on earth and host to the fastest growing tech hub in America.

Culture of collaboration

We like to live by a no-asshole policy. We look for students who are considerate, understanding, helpful and generally pleasant to be around.

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Cohort Dates & Tuition

Ready to transform your career?

Cohort Date
Jan 12, 2016 - June 28, 2016 Full
July 9, 2016 - Dec 20, 2016 Accepting applications
Weekend Structure
January 2016 Cohort Weekend Dates
Immersive Weekends
  • Saturday, January 23 and Sunday, January 24th
  • Saturday, February 20 and Sunday, February 21
  • Saturday, March 12 and Sunday, March 13
  • Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3
  • Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15
  • Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5
  • Remote Weekends All other weekends during on-campus date range.

    Full Tuition: $15,680