Fullstack Flex Immersive Schedule

The Complete Fullstack Curriculum, Completely Part-Time

Fullstack's Flex Immersive is developed to meet a growing demand from working professionals for a top-notch coding education that works with their schedule. Whether you want to deepen your programming chops to level-up your current career or find an entirely new one, Fullstack Flex Immersive is the rigorous and comprehensive experience you've been looking for.

# Fullstack Foundations

When: Pre-Fullstack, off-campus

The first part of your educational journey at Fullstack, Foundations, is an intensive introductory preparatory course designed to help you master the core concepts of programming before you arrive on-campus.

Foundations is not just a list of links to online tutorials. In Foundations, you'll be working on a targeted core curriculum with live instructors and real coding projects. You'll be prepared to hit the ground running when the Academy starts.

# Weekly Schedule

Your class at Fullstack Academy will be broken up into Lectures and Workshops. You'll be attending class on-campus three days a week, and working from home for 1 - 2 days. There will be upto 3-4 hours of remote work to be completed each week, which you can work on based on your schedule. A sample week could look like this:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Day Off In Class
Review: 2 hrs
In Class
Day Off In Class
10AM - 6:30PM
Review: 4 hours

The duration of the total program is 24 weeks.

# Course Syllabus

Want a detailed syllabus of what you will be studying at Fullstack Academy? We can send you a PDF at your email address.
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Get the Course Syllabus PDF

The next Flex course starts January 2016. Get a PDF course syllabus and our Road to Code starter guide of JS learning resources.