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_______ Against Humanity

_______ Against Humanity (Blank Against Humanity) is a Slack-integrated mobile app that lets you play Cards Against Humanity with your organization. Create games with members of your team and instantly add new cards to your decks via Slack slash commands.

Cards Against Humanity is popular card game based on Apples to Apples, but with a twist: all the cards are intentionally funny and/or offensive. Every round a player acts as judge and draws a black card with content like "New startup idea: Airbnb for ________." or "What did Vin Diesel eat for dinner?". The rest of the players each answer the question or fill in the blank with the funniest white card from their hand, like "Passive-Aggressive Post-It Notes" or "Judge Judy." The judge picks a winning white card each round and eventually the player with the most white cards wins.

_______ Against Humanity brings companies and organizations together with fun, humor, and just the right amount of awkwardness. The Slack integration means game content will never get stale because users can easily create new cards any time; just type /whitecard {Something Funny} and a new white card with that content will instantly be added to the deck for your channel. Users can even add images and gifs or @tag their colleagues in cards.

Project Members: Kayla Fuchs, Dan Mandel, Nithya Mathews, Nikita Petukhov

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