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    Holding credit card while shopping on laptop

    5 Cybersecurity Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

    To make sure you’re not a victim of cybercrime this season, here are a few cybersecurity tips for holiday shopping to protect your online information while searching for the perfect gifts.
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    FSA 12 Days of Coding Day 11 Landscape
    Learn to Code

    6 Tech Certifications to Add to Your Resume in 2024

    If you’re looking to expand your resume and demonstrate your skills, learn about tech certifications to pursue in 2024 and ways to prepare for the exams.
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    Woman working on dual monitors coding
    Job & Career Advice

    How to Become a Software Developer in 2024

    If you’re looking to become a software developer in 2024, you can encounter a wealth of opportunities. As you set foot on this career path, you need to understand the essential software development skills and nuances of a role in coding.
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    Cozy woman on couch job searching
    Job & Career Advice

    Why The Winter Holidays Are a Great Time for a Career Change–And How to Make It Happen This Year

    With all the gift giving, matzo ball making, and festive celebrating we do during the twilight of the year, career development often goes overlooked. But the winter holidays are an ideal time to start or advance a career change–for nearly every type of role in tech!
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    Gift box beside laptop and coffee
    Job & Career Advice

    What Every Job Seeker Should Have on Their New Career Wishlist This Holiday Season

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    Woman in red and yellow working at laptop
    Mission Driven

    Indigenous American Innovators Who Broke Down Barriers in Tech

    Indigenous Americans are historically underrepresented in the tech workforce. Here are four Indigenous Americans who broke down barriers in tech and made major contributions to the tech industry.
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