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News, insights, and learning resources from Fullstack Academy, top-ranked immersive school for tech training based in New York City.
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Learn to Code

How to Get Into Coding: Education and Skills

Curious about how to get into coding? Explore types of coding jobs, how to start a career in coding, and coding careers for beginners and experienced pros.
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Fullstack Academy Joins Workforce Talent Educators Association
Community Updates

Fullstack Academy Joins Education Quality Assurance Nonprofit, WTEA, as a Founding Member

Fullstack Academy and the Workforce Talent Educators Association (WTEA) set out to transform education by setting new benchmarks for quality.
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Grace Hopper the person the programmer the pioneer
Women in Tech

Grace Hopper: the Person, Programmer, and Pioneer

As a computer programming icon and the namesake of our immersive coding bootcamp for women and non-binary students, Grace Hopper is a name you’ll hear on a regular basis at Fullstack Academy.
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Man planning a career change and reviewing his web developer resume
Job & Career Advice

3 Common Barriers to a Successful Career Change–and How to Work Through Them

We’ve compiled a list of the most common barriers to a successful career transition paired with the resources, tips and tricks, or accessible tools to succeed despite them. Whether you’re just thinking about it or already making moves, read on to learn how to overcome roadblocks in your career change journey–or at least help you better understand the process.
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Online Learning Student Stories

“My remote experience was fantastic.” Alums Bethany Qiang and Mark Hario from Fullstack’s Remote Immersive share the benefits of the program, how it set them up for success, and more.
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Student Stories

CyberTech NYC 2021: The Fullstack Cyber Experience

A glimpse into Fullstack Academy’s experience participating in Cybertech NYC 2021 and the remarkable accomplishments from our Cyber Bootcamp students.
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Learn Software Engineering

Learn the industry’s #1 programming language in 17 to 26 weeks.

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Community Updates

Fullstack Academy’s New Brand Looks to the Future

Transformation is, has been, and always will be at the core of Fullstack Academy. It’s what we do and it’s what we are. Learn more about our refreshed brand and how it reflects our mission.
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How Fullstack Works

4 Reasons Why Winter Session Coding Bootcamp is Worth It

Our NYC Campus Director shares four reasons why he thinks that a winter session coding bootcamp is a great time to attend Fullstack Academy’s Software Engineering Immersive bootcamp.
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Software Engineering Job Types
Job & Career Advice

What Do Software Engineers Do? Job Types, Training, and Salary

With the job outlook for software engineers predicted to grow at 21% over the next 9 years, you may be wondering, "What is a Software Engineer?" and "What do software engineers do?" Learn about types of software engineers, jobs and salaries, and how to become a software engineer.
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How to get a job in cybersecurity 2

How to Get a Job in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a booming industry, but how do you get hired? Here’s how to launch your cyber career.
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Woman working at laptop with paper
Data Analytics

Data Scientist vs. Data Analyst: What’s the Difference?

Data Scientists and Data Analysts gather and analyze large data sets, but these two roles have different skills and responsibilities. Learn more about these career paths and find out which is right for you. Last Updated 3-16-2022
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What do data analysts do
Data Analytics

What Does a Data Analyst Do? Job Types, Training, and Salary

With responsibilities ranging from setting up an analytics system to providing insights based on the data you collect, here’s everything you need to know about data analysts.
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