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    R2 FSA 5 LGBTQ Innovators in Tech You Should Know Landscape

    5 LGBTQ+ Innovators in Tech You Should Know

    Diversity in tech is critical to driving global innovation. Learn about five of the most influential LGBTQ+ tech pioneers and how they helped shape the modern digital landscape.
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    Women in glasses with coffee thinking
    Job & Career Advice

    5 Ways to Care For Your Mental Health While Job Searching

    Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for your first job or a seasoned professional ready to make a change, it’s critical to prioritize your mental health while job hunting. Read on to learn a few tips on caring for your mental health while searching for your next role.
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    AAPI Innovators in Tech
    Industry Listicles

    Asian American and Pacific Islander Innovators Who Have Transformed Technology

    From the USB to one of the world’s most recognizable search engines, many of today’s technological advancements wouldn’t be possible without groundbreaking work from Asian American and Pacific Islander innovators.
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    A product designer uses computer-aided design software to design a product.

    What Is Product Design? Definition and Overview

    Product design is the process of developing products that address end users’ needs. Discover the importance of product design in today’s digital landscape.
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    How Fullstack Works

    The Fullstack Academy Software Engineering Immersive: Enhancing the Bootcamp Experience

    Celebrating over 10 years as a trailblazer in tech education, Fullstack Academy was founded in 2012 with a bold and novel mission to rapidly prepare its students for lasting success in the tech field.
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    How to create a flower blog
    Data Analytics

    How to Create a Flower With Python

    To celebrate the arrival of spring and new beginnings, you can try out a basic programming exercise on how to build a flower using Python. Throughout the exercise, you will learn some key Python concepts and functions.
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    Learn Software Engineering

    Learn the industry’s #1 programming language in 17 to 26 weeks.

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    Job & Career Advice

    4 Things Companies Can Do to Help Close the Gender Pay Gap

    The Pew Research Center reports that the total yearly earnings gap between genders is still virtually unchanged over the past two decades. According to their most recent analysis, women earned an average of 82% of what men earned in 2022. These results are similar to the 2002 gender pay gap, when women earned 80% as much as men.
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    FSA Women Tech Innovators and Thier Contributions to the Industry
    Women in Tech

    Women Tech Innovators and Their Contributions to the Industry

    It’s no secret that women and gender nonconforming innovators are historically excluded from the global tech industry–and most narratives surrounding it. Despite this, women’s innovations, inventions, and other contributions throughout history have sparked or evolved critical technology we still use today.
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    Must Read Books By Women In Tech 1
    Women in Tech

    Must-Read Books by Women in Tech

    From creating computer programming to making strides in space exploration, women have had a significant impact on the technology industry and continue to be at the forefront of innovation, despite gender bias and underrepresentation in the field. The stories and experiences of women in tech inspire others to launch careers and diversify the industry, paving the way for more technological advancements and gender equality.
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    A product manager explains data on a display screen to other team leaders.
    Job & Career Advice

    What is Product Management Leadership?

    Developing a new product is challenging. Learn about product management leadership, why it is important, and the skills that good product managers possess.
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    One Fullstack Blog
    Mission Driven

    Introducing One Fullstack, Fullstack Academy's Employee Resource Group

    Officially founded in 2022, One Fullstack is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for Fullstack Academy employees. Its inception centers on an internal push for increased visibility, action, and measurable progress surrounding existing DEI initiatives—as well as a platform for raising new ones.
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    A smiling office worker works on a laptop.
    Job & Career Advice

    Tech Jobs That Don’t Require Coding

    Interested in a tech career but wondering what tech jobs don’t require coding? Explore in-demand non-coding tech skills and professions that rely on them.
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