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Bisque is a Chrome extension to help writers manage and analyze their productivity. It offers a suite of time management tools that track your work and break times, reminding you when it's time to get up and move around or get back to work. You can customize work periods through a dashboard in the browser, and integration with the Google Tasks API also allows you to add and check off tasks throughout the work day. Bisque will even let you shut off your browser ("The Nuclear Option") if you're having trouble unplugging from the computer during break periods.

Bisque also offers a robust set of productivity analytics. Bisque counts your keystrokes (without logging their content) as well as visits to websites you've identified as potentially distracting on your "greylist." It stores this information in a Google Firebase database connected to your Google account through OAuth. It then renders your productivity and distraction levels in real-time on your web dashboard using the data visualization library d3. Bisque's UI is rendered in React and leverages a cloned Redux store to manage state and upload data from multiple browser tabs at once.

Project Members: Brian Nichols, Milo Kang, Colin Jaffe, and David Godow

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