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API's are wonderful tools. For developers -- and even for non-developers -- the ability to access swaths of data in a reliable and efficient manner is truly invaluable. That said, there are many occasions when an API is either unavailable or functionally limited, which is when we as developers need to perform web scraping. But the process of scraping is often slow and cumbersome, resulting in code that is brittle and difficult to maintain.

Determined to put an end to the drawbacks of web scraping, we have developed and are proud to present CrawlSpace.

CrawlSpace is a platform for interactively designing web-scraping processes, organizing and executing them at the time(s) of your choosing, and providing resources to analyze the results. Simply point-at-and-click the desired elements from any web page, and let CrawlSpace do the rest. Crawl multiple web pages by scheduling a job and have that job run as often as you like; a detailed history will be stored and maintained.

Need help making sense of it all before accessing our API? CrawlSpace also provides a robust chart builder, so you can visualize patterns within your scraped data, analyze changes, and track trends.

Project Members: John Gruska, Christopher Kennedy, Anthony Kim, Oliver McRobbie

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