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Job & Career Advice

Why Now Is a Great Time for a Career Change–And How to Make It Happen This Holiday Season

With all the gift shopping, matzo ball making, and seasonal festivities we celebrate during the twilight of the year, career development often goes overlooked. But the winter holidays are an ideal time to start or advance a career change–for nearly every type of role in tech!
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Two IT engineers reviewing code on a monitor.
Job & Career Advice

How Diversity in Tech Drives Innovation, Transforms Communities, and Powers Better Results

Diversity in tech is expanding. Learn about new opportunities for women and people of color as the industry strengthens diversity in tech hiring and inclusion.
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A data analyst gives a presentation in front of colleagues seated around a conference table.
Data Analytics

Benefits of Data Analytics for Your Business

How can your business optimize operations and ensure faster decision-making? Learn how data analytics is used in business and 10 benefits of data analytics.
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A team of three information security professionals work on computer devices in a server room.

Information Security vs. Cybersecurity: What's the Difference?

What does it take to protect companies from data breaches? Whether you go into information security or cybersecurity, these skills are in high demand.
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Young database administrator works on a laptop in a server room
Job & Career Advice

What Does a Database Administrator Do?

Cloud-based databases are becoming more prevalent in the business world. Learn what a database administrator does and how they keep up with advancing tech.
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A computer programmer reviews code on a monitor.
Job & Career Advice

Computer Programming Salary and Training

Those looking to increase their computer programmer salary should consider additional training. Discover the career paths coding knowledge can get you.
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