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How to Break Into the Chicago Tech Scene

Techstars Chicago managing director Neal Sáles-Griffin and Fullstack Academy cofounder Nimit Maru discuss how to break into one of the US’s top tech cities.

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Breaking Into Chicago Tech: A Conversation with Neal Sáles-Griffin

The tech scene in Chicago is one of the fastest growing in the country. And the best way to break in? Programming skills, of course. 

Let’s take a look at how the Chicago tech scene has grown and how you can get involved.

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The Cyber Talent Shortage Emergency: How We Can Fix It

Mark Davis runs the official cybersecurity bootcamp of New York City, Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp.  In this post, Mark talks about the national cyber talent shortage, and shares some thoughts on how it can be fixed.

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The Coding Bootcamp that Got Me Into Google

Fullstack alum Clément Mihailescu sits down to talk with our co-founders, David & Nimit, about what it takes to land a job at Google or another big tech company, and the journey that brought Fullstack Academy to where it is today.

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Whiteboard Coding Interviews: A 6 Step Process to Solve Any Problem

In this video, CEO and co-founder David Yang, spells out a tried and true method for solving whiteboard coding problems that are often used in technical interviews. 

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