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Windfury is a two-player trading card game that primarily revolves around turn-based battles between adversaries. Each game represents a battle between players, who utilize spells and minions depicted on playing cards to defeat their opponent.

Players must strike a balance between attacking their opponent’s minions and directly attacking their opponent. To win the game, a player must leverage the cards in their hand to reduce their opponent’s life force. Each player starts the game with 30 life points and loses when he or she is reduced to zero. Players lose life points when they are delt damange by being attacked by summoned spells or minions.

The strategy involved in winning the battle is two fold. In addition to fighting one’s adversary, a player must construct a deck to optimize the cards available to them during the game. Each card comes at a cost to the user, so players must effectively structure their deck before the game.

Project Members: Chel Du Kate McDonald Alexis Rivero

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